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Lisa Samson

Lieu de résidence: 
Statut actuel: 
Writing Lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University
Dernier(s) diplôme(s) obtenu(s): 
B.A Honours degree in English and Italian from Lancaster University (1989) PGCE in Further and Higher Education from Wolverhampton University (1991) Masters Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Leeds (2006) PhD in Creative Writing at Lancaster University (current)
Equipe de recherche d'appartenance: 
English team in the School of Cultural Studies, Leeds Metropolitan University
Samson, Lisa (2011) Talk To Me was runner-up in the Virginia Prize for Fiction, 2011. This is a prize for an unpublished first novel by a female writer. Samson, L. (2011) 'Getting into the Flow.' Writing in Education Journal, 53, pp 24-25. Samson, L. (2011) 'Earth, Air, Fire and Water.' Teaching Creative Writing: Practical Approaches. The Professional and Higher Education Partnership. Samson, L. (2009) Sewing a seam on the spirit line in A Wilder Vein (ed. Cracknell, L.) An anthology of new literary non-fiction that focuses on the relationship between people and the wild places of the British Isles. Samson, L. (2008) 'Fly Free'. Brand Literary Magazine (issue 2), pp. 94-97
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